Things I’ve Learned

This could be a long, long list because the topic is such but shall try and restrict it to 10.

  1. There is only one religion – Humanity!
  2. Love, Respect and Praise – the hunger for these is far greater than for money or fame!
  3. If you want to start something, do it NOW!
  4. Rely only on yourself – you know yourself best.
  5. Listen to others but make your own decision (my mother instilled this in me. Thanks, Ma!)
  6. Respect yourself first and foremost. Others will follow your lead.
  7. Each day should be started afresh. Wipe the slate clean every night. Not so difficult if you have a memory span like mine!
  8. Save while you can. Takes much longer to save than it does to spend.
  9. Read. Read. Read. Read. Books, Magazines, Articles, Stories… whatever is of interest. This has actually taught me a lot. Had somewhere stopped reading, bit now am back on track.
  10. Be positive. Negativity, not familiarity, breeds contempt.

I think it sounds a but preachy… didn’t intend it to be so.

8 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned

  1. Doesn’t sound preachy at all! If you take pictures maybe include some of your photography here too! I did that with my “Things I’ve Learned” post and people responded very well to it. PS I love number 3!!!

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  2. I don’t agree with 4. I can name at least three people that know me more than I do. And I believe that the whole goal of our lives is to find someone we can rely on. And that is completely consistent with your point 5, in my opinion.

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