Travel Tip of the Week

Roll up your clothes while packing, that way more clothes can fit in.

pack right
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15 thoughts on “Travel Tip of the Week

    1. oh.. the suitcases are far more trendy and light-weight now. πŸ˜› Maybe you should travel again soon and give those a try.

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  1. Now if only we could somehow shrink our clothes to pack them, and then upon arrival, just give a spritz of water and shabam!! full size again! Like those towels in restaurants that are the size of mentos and then you put them in water and its a hand towel. Can this technology be developed by tomorrow? It would help me out soooo much!

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  2. I think organisation is more important than method of folding, though rolling is good. I need to where things are in my bag, so if things are in the same place it’s really helpful and reassuring. If you keep everything in the same place you can tell if something is missing!

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