Travel Tip of the Week

While travelling, do not keep all your money and valuable in the same place. Instead keep smaller amounts and stash them in multiple locations. Keep some in well hidden in your luggage, some in a secret pocket in your handbag, some in your wallet and some on your person (alongwith your passport and important travel documents).

The logic behind this is that even if you misplace some of your luggage, the loss of money and valuables would be minimized and you would still have the balance money safe.

money safe
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16 thoughts on “Travel Tip of the Week

  1. This reminds me of my mom. She did this tip during a trip. After one day, she forgot where she hid the “biggest” amount of money. hahaha. Guess, we have to add, “keep them in different locations and please DO NOT forget them!” hahaha

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    1. She did not. 😦 Wait, I just realized now, was it stolen then? Or perhaps it was not. Maybe when we find it in the future, it will not be valuable anymore because my country will be using new banknotes starting next year. This makes me cringe right now. πŸ˜€


  2. Great tips! When I was walking the Camino there was a lot of talk about a girl who was robbed and killed in April. I definitely don’t think traveling is so unsafe that we should not do it, but I think as information spreads so quickly now (where we are, who might be a good target…) it is more important than ever to be smart about it.

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    1. That’s so alarming. Saddened to hear about someone being robbed and attacked while travelling. I myself am scared of travelling alone. But, yes, it doesn’t make sense not to travel at all. One just needs to be careful and smart. Thanks for visiting and commenting. πŸ™‚


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