Against All Odds – A Story of Survival

“Against all odds, you will survive!”
The one thing we all need to remember in touch situations. Heart-touching! Inspiring! Comments disabled here. Please visit the original post and leave your comments. Kudos to you, Rashmi for writing this amazing piece. Featured under “From Around the World“. Written by Rashmi Menon.

Mind and Life Matters

Survival can easily be defined as existing or continuing to live against all odds. Against all odds – three simple words, don’t you think? One could argue that these are words that writers use to enhance dramatic effects of a scene they are unfolding; that in the real world survival against all odds is easier said than done. I am not sure if I did agree with that, because I feel that in a world such as the one we live in, facts are stranger than fiction. Those strange facts of life have been borrowed to build this piece of fiction. This is the story of Mary.

photo-1452482590964-94f0fcca7cba Image: Unsplash


“Mom! Come here!” Mary called out with a voice bordering on panic.

“What is it, Mary?” her mother asked.

“It’s Woofer!  He’s not moving!” She said sitting down to pat him on his back once again. By now tears flowed…

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