Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day and love’s in the air all around. So, personally wishing each and everyone one of my readers and followers a very Happy Valentine’s Day!


This Valentine’s Day is special to me. Nope, not because I’ve found Mr. Right. No such luck, so far!

But because I have found you. Yes, Dear Reader. YOU!

The below poem is dedicated to each and every one of you.

Like the sunflower
Lifts its face to the
Glow of the sun.

Like the waves
Swell up the tides
To the fullness of the moon.
My soul reaches
Out to you.
You are there.

You are…
The bell
Hanging in my verandah
It rings
With the winds;
Blowing all
Negativity away

You are
The shade
While I walk
The sun!

You are
The sun.
All shadows are shy
When you reign high!

Excerpt of a poem written by Ms. Sheba Kalra. Originally published on Qwerty Thoughts. Please do visit original post for full poem.

You are the reason and the inspiration that pushes me forward each day: to write, to do better with every post, to improve everytime I sit down to write.
So Thank You for being there for me through your likes and comments. Love you too!

Here are a few rocking updates that have been possible only and only because of you.

So you would be able to read my articles at both these online publications. Please do remember to pay them a visit and also subscribe. It would mean so much to me.

I am currently headed over to Jacqueline’s, to attend her Valentine’s party. It’s quite a rocking party with some amazing people and scrumptious food, and live music too!

See you there!

Disclaimer – Above poem is written by Ms. Sheba Kalra. All rights of ownership are retained by Ms. Kalra and Qwerty Thoughts. Wandering Soul does not retain the rights or permit reproduction of the above poem in part or whole without prior permission.
As per the permissions granted on qwertythoughts.com, reproduction and redistribution is allowed only as long as original credits and website links are in place. Please visit original post for full disclaimer and permissions.

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