The QSM Magazine Issue #3 – The Indian Wedding Special!

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In the upcoming issue we lose ourselves in the  the biggest, the grandest, the sparkliest, the loudest wedding in the world! Here’s a short definition of this magnificent event.

Indian Wedding – A Definition
The Indian wedding is a fine-tuned but bug-riddled event in which two strangers become life partners; and which when successfully concluded, marks the biggest milestone in the lives of Indian parents. 

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I’ll let the cover do the talking.

The QSM Magazine - Issue 3 (fourth 4th issue) of India's best humor magazine - read parodies, satire, drama - Indian weddings special

They say don’t judge a book by its cover – but that’s how the story of an Indian wedding begins, by judging someone by his or her picture – and quite often it succeeds. The way it succeeded for Mom and Dad. According to Mom, “You can ride a potholed road together in a bullock cart and not fall in love…

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