Gifts from Mother Earth

This may seem to be a very simple picture of some random flowers at first glance. But for some reason, I see a lot more than just that.


To me, this picture depicts the full glory and marvels of nature within it. The vibrant yellow petals symbolise the Sun while the white petals look like they represent the Moon (more so because of the yellow centre, just like the Moon takes its light from the Sun).
The rich green stems and leaves, for me, represent the rich greenery of the forests, of the Earth and the greyish ground in the top right corner is the vast expanse of Space that seems out of reach but holds a million mysteries within it.

Just like Mother Earth continues to surprise us through its various wonders, this photograph does so too. I hadn’t thought so deeply about this when I had first taken this picture. It was only later when I was browsing through the Sikkim photographs, that this realisation dawned on me.

What do you think when you look at this picture. Do share your feedback via the comment box below.

12 thoughts on “Gifts from Mother Earth

  1. What a deep and creative interpretation of this lovely shot of flowers. The flowers do look like suns, so vibrant and happy-looking standing tall. White petals resembling the moon – that is a wonderful connection. After all, the sun and moon work together each day by taking turns to watch over the Earth at different times of the day 🙂

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    1. Exactly!! 🙂 Thanks, Mabel. I’m so glad you see it the same way. Thanks for visiting and commenting too.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Please know that I’ll be editing your comment to remove the blog link 🙂 Please don’t promote your blog on my posts.

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