As usual, I write for fun and very foolishly I share a photo with some underworld elements and instantly a gun gets pointed to my head asking me to post it. So, the below post is being published under extreme duress and much against my wishes. I hope the Inter-Galactic Society for Injustice to Aliens is watching and taking note of this. Where is that idiotic Jadoo when I need him most?!

Here’s the limerick that caused me faux heart-attacks and almost resulted in my brains being blown to pieces unless I shared it with you –

What’s this thing Superstition!

A load of nonsensical fruition.

I’ll go, no need to heed,

so what if someone sneezed.

I’ll reach new heights, that’s my vision.

15 thoughts on “Superstition

    1. Beg to disagree. 🙂 🙂 I think superstitions have no basis and should have no place in a mind that relies on rational thinking. Have faith in yourself. The rest will fall into place. That’s what I always tell myself.


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