Why our teens have lost faith in us?

Written by a friend, sharing it here because we so need to read this. Let’s not raise our kids to be top scorers but to be better human beings. Comments closed here. Please visit original post.

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Lately, I have been quite disturbed by the growing number of suicide cases among children. We read about these cases in newspapers everyday and feel upset for those few minutes but then get back to our routines. Have we ever tried to analyze the reasons for such actions?

Do we realize our responsibility as adults of this society to take steps to stop this act of weakness?

Suicide”- the word itself creates shivers and numbness in our mind.

Then why are the teenagers of this so called sophisticated, modern, independent, solution oriented and technologically advanced society allured into it?

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2 thoughts on “Why our teens have lost faith in us?

  1. There is an ad by some brand – showing the kid ready for life !
    by sharing his brand new shoes to his poor friend who is good at sports.
    That’s how we need to raise our kids, well again how many of them are clear on that end ! ?

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