Letter to You, Dear Reader!

Dear Reader,

How have you been doing?

I’ve been sort of out of touch from the Blogosphere lately – guilty of not visiting blogs, not commenting on your posts, not even clicking  one measly like!
It’s not that I don’t remember you. It’s definitely not that I am too occupied with my own blog either.

You must have noticed I haven’t been posting anything lately. I do realize that I’ve kept you waiting for a post for quite a long time now. But I’m sure you’ll forgive me, for I have my valid reasons ready.
But before we get to that, I want to thank you for being such an amazing friend and fellow blogger. You have been an inspiration to me. Your posts, stories, articles help me immensely. I learn from you. I seek inspiration from you. I become better as a writer because of you. And while I may not have blogged that frequently in recent times,  I assure you I have been writing offline.

I even sent in a submission for Times of India’s Write India campaign, which was a prestigious month-long short story contest organized by the national daily. From those who read it my submission, the feedback has been extremely positive and I do hope I’ve done justice to the prompt that was given. I’d like to think it’s a winning piece, but in case if I don’t win I shall certainly share the story here. It was an extremely difficult experience for me to write that, and as I’ve been trying to do, in this one too I pushed myself out of my comfort zone.

So, I am doing my best to keep my promise to you – to write better, show improvement with every story and make my writing worth your time.
Please keep my oxygen supply coming in – your likes (YAY, you do love me!), comments (need more of those!), advice and encouragement (can’t survive without this, whatsoever!).
That’s what’s kept me going and will help me survive in the future too.

So, over to the reasons for my absence now.

Well, the first reason, of course, is because I’ve been working on my novel which is now in its second stage of drafting. So wish me luck or else I shall continue to send you apology letters.

The other reason is that I have some exciting news coming up soon. No! I am not setting up base on Pluto. However much you or I may think I belong there, the Govt. of Pluto is still not issuing an inter-space visa.

The big news will be revealed soon, I promise. Well, as soon as I’ve dragged my lazy form out of bed long enough to write the announcement post.

Until then, please bear with me, head over to the blogging forum Blogger’s World or the Facebook page of QSM  (both of which I am managing and can assure you are very interesting blogs/pages) and do excuse my absence from the blogosphere. I promise you it’s worth the wait.

And now I must rush back to working on my novel.

I shall be back!

Lots of Love,
Wandering Soul

The above post/letter is also addressed to my IndiBlogger Family.

I am genuinely interested in knowing how have you been doing and what have you been upto. Please do share your whereabouts and latest updates via the comment box below.


24 thoughts on “Letter to You, Dear Reader!

    1. That is so sweet. Thank for saying that, Amanda! Hugs to you for that.

      P.S. – Can I still call you Mandi? I like that name more 😛 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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