Cherry on The Chocolate Cake

This past weekend Wandering Soul and Ms. Sassy (of Sass and Sauce) spent a fun-filled day in Agra. It was her first visit to the ‘City of Taj’ and one after ten years for me. As if this wasn’t enough to make the trip special, what happened on the trip itself catapulted us over the moon.

When the Alien meets Ms. Sassy!

Thanks to my friends and ex-colleagues at Marriott International, we got an exceptional discount on the room tariff. But surprise, surprise! At the time of check-in, we were informed that we were being given a room upgrade – to one with a pool view.

View from the room

Furthermore, we were given a complimentary buffet dinner as well. This was a huge surprise for me too. But they didn’t just stop there. There were more surprises in store, as we discovered later.

We toasted to her upcoming wedding and my soon-to-be-published story.

As Ms. Sassy commented later, what came next was the cherry on the icing, no on the chocolate truffle cake! The Executive Chef upgraded our dinner from the buffet spread at the restaurant to a ‘Specially Curated Menu’. He and his team took it upon themselves to make this the most memorable experience for us.

The mandatory selfie with the Executive Chef of Courtyard by Marriott, Agra.

We have so much to write about our Agra trip that one blog post won’t be enough. 😀 Watch out for a more detailed account on Ms. Sassy’s blog. 🙂

In what can only be a fitting finale , Daily Post posted this week’s prompt as the ‘Cherry on Top’. For us, this was more like cherries on the icing on the chocolate cake!

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20 thoughts on “Cherry on The Chocolate Cake

  1. And this post is the cherriest of them all! Haha!
    Thanks for such a fun fun mini-holiday. One of the seven wonders (there are 7 of them right?) – CHECK!
    All thanks and gratitude to Wandering Soul. May she wander far and high!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww! Hugs and love to you, Ms. Sassy! Thank you for spending time with me. Had double the fun because of you. Now go write that post already. I for one just can’t wait to read it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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