The Narrow Path of Life

Life is a narrow road, isn’t it? It is full of difficult choices, steep falls, sharp twists and yet we manoeuvre through them all – sometimes through sheer grit and determination; sometimes through the support of family and friends.

Picture 069.jpg

Being too philosophical, aren’t I? Can’t help it. Reading ‘To Cancer, With Love‘ by Neelam Kumar is doing that to me. Would suggest you pick up a copy now. Shall surely post the review too, but trust me when I say you needn’t wait for it. Strongly recommend it to whoever has faced challenges and overcome obstacles in life.

22 thoughts on “The Narrow Path of Life

    1. Oh no, not referring to your recommendations. Referring to the many, many, many recommendations that are flowing in. That when I was already under deluge as shared in an earlier post. 😀

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    2. Thank you for your recommendations. Adding them to my list. Wondering when I shall actually get to reading them. LOL.

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    3. What could be more gritty than being blind, deaf and dumb all your life or battling, no beating Cancer (twice, that too)?! 🙂

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