Announcement for Change of Address

‘Wandering Soul – Conversations with an Alien!’ has wandered over to a new address in the virtual world.

If you are following the blog already and are seeing this message, you need not do anything about it.

If you have bookmarked the blog, there’s a little effort that you will have to put in. (Apologies for the extra work but then why in the world are you not following the blog?! Didn’t you know bookmarks are for books, not websites. :P)
Firstly, click on the ‘Follow’ button. Seriously, do it now! You need not be a registered WordPress user to follow the blog. You can easily subscribe to the blog using your email address.
Secondly, update your bookmark with the new address. (If you’ve done the first step, you shouldn’t have to do the second one. :P)

Old Address –

New Address –

Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Announcement for Change of Address

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