Fish Therapy!

Back in 2010, my parents and I went on our first international holiday – to Thailand. Because it was the first such trip to foreign shores, and also filled with many firsts, it was indeed a very exciting and fun holiday for us. 

Filling out immigration forms, going wide-eyed at the duty-free stores, having our eyes pop out at the beautiful sights, meeting dolphins, watching exquisite traditional dance performances of Thailand; the trip was full of innumerable such moments that we would remember for long afterward.

That’s Mom and me squealing away as tiny fish nibble away at our feet. It’s called Fish Therapy!

In fact, I had quite an adventure. I even returned home with a sunburn (after staying in the pool all morning) and a fracture (hurt myself on the night before we were to be homeward bound; had to hold my injured arm up during the entire journey back home).

Have you ever tried fish therapy? What was your first international trip like? Would you like to see more of such moments from our Thailand trip?

Do share your comments and feedback via the comment box below.

6 thoughts on “Fish Therapy!

  1. I wish to try fish therapy. It should be such a pleasure. It is always great to gain new experience from another countries. As for me my first trip was to Russia when I was 5 years old (I’m from Ukraine). You are welcome to visit my blog where I’m sharing pictures and experience from travelling to another countries.

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    1. First trips are always special, aren’t they! Bet Russia would look different now from when you were 5 yrs old. 😀 I’ll certainly drop in one of these days. Just been too busy with my writing website. I posted about it on this blog. Do check it out 🙂

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