Happy Diwali!

Diwali – a festival of lights,
The story is shiny and bright.
That’s why we all are here.
To spread joy and cheer,
Celebrate the end of a legendary fight.

Ram’s return, Ravana’s plight,
The victory of good over evil’s might.
But let’s face it…
Today it’s all forgotten bit by bit.
Life is busy and hectic.
Much needed are these moments of respite,
Among deadlines, revenues and targets.
Bedecked necks of diamond and gold,
Saris resplendent even though old.
I see all around me
As the night draws sparkler,
from every corner, smiles and laughter.
Eyes shine brightly,
As do the lights in the balcony,
Along with the diya and the chakri.
Here’s wishing you all
A very happy wali Diwali!

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