Why I Write?

How does it feel to start something only to leave it midway just because you were unable to keep up with the commitment and work it involved?

Guilty, and of course, a sense of incompleteness. That’s exactly how I felt about ignoring my blog for the past few months as I pursued new interests and opportunities

Fortunately, writing, which is my first love, didn’t get ignored. I wrote, albeit on other blogging platforms and sometimes, using a pen and paper. I wrote personal thoughts, articles, and even some fiction. In all of this, my blog did suffer and sometimes ended up being completely ignored.

It made me wonder why we blog. Or specifically, it made me wonder why it was important for me to maintain this platform? To express, of course. And this here is my safe haven where I can talk about anything without worrying about many other factors like whether my content matches the theme of the website I am writing for. This is where I talk about whatever catches my admiration or causes me annoyance.

But is it always necessary to put what I feel out there? So, often, I go back to often asking myself this question.

Why do I write?

When I first answered this question, I had a long list of reasons that helped me understand my own motives. The reasons may not have changed much since then but I feel it is important to keep asking myself the same question again. The introspection helps me realign my priorities and bring me back on track when I lose focus or wonder if I am a writer at all.

As I return to blogging, and embark on this new campaign to take my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter (my Alexa rank currently is 15,102,064!) I asked myself the same question again.

And the answer is always the same – Because I have things to say, stories to tell, opinions to express, and in the middle of all that, attempt to become a better version of me. If in that attempt, I change the opinions of a few others, then so be it. If in that attempt, I touch a few hearts, influence some people, and make a difference to even one person, I’d consider my efforts at writing to be a success.

I write because what I express may be what someone else wanted to as well. I write so I may give voice to someone’s thoughts, feelings, and opinions; in the hope that others will read, understand, relate to, and even to draw inspiration from.

Someday, my hopes will become reality and someone somewhere will say, “Hey, that is so amazing and inspiring.”

What are your motives for writing? Do share your reasons with me. Use the box below to leave your comments and feedback.

39 thoughts on “Why I Write?

  1. I never thought i could actually write, a little push from my friend and wrote my first post…And i have been writing since then. I makes me feel more myself. I could so relate to what you wrote in that way! Keep writing and Keep inspiring!

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  2. That’s a nice and interesting question that you have raised and finding answer yourself. Hope you got your answer for this. I write because my inner soul have much to share with all. So writing is a great medium through many of us share our own views that we want to reach to others . So it’s like a teaching learning process. We teach plus learn through each others sharing. It’s great I think. Isn’t it?


  3. It’s so important to know your why, isn’t it? I write a lot – in a journal, on canvas – I don’t really “need” a blog to write. But I blog to share my passions and inspirations in the hope that someone, somewhere, finds in there a spark of inspiration & hope too.

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  4. Amazing. My reasons are pretty much the same. I started writing because I had something to tell. In fact, many things to tell and share to this lovely world.

    I did write on the same topic a year ago.


    1. Wow! Congrats on your 3-year journey. May you have many more! 🙂 Indeed, we are always learning, and learning never stops. 🙂 Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog.


  5. I think the basic reason we write is to express ourselves. It’s but human to be heard and interact. That’s the purpose of writing blog for most bloggers. Of course some use it as a outlet without expecting any interaction while some others use it a digital diary

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  6. Hey!!
    Just like you my reason was a lost identity after leaving my job. That left with ample amount of time and I didn’t know what to do with it. That was one year back. And my first blog’s name was also wandering soul but then someone made me realise that it’s negative and I must work upon bringing my thoughts to positive side.
    And why that name for me was my lost uniform or identity and my inner push that I have to do something and be productive but what can I do, what can I do.
    In my MBA program there was this professor of English, M.Phil, who once gave an assignment to write extempore on one topic each and mine was nothing would come out of nothing. When I read it, his response was wish I could write like that. Maybe that was a moment when I realised that I can write too.
    Nice post!!
    Have a great day ahead!!

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    1. Was great to read your story. Thank you for sharing it. Congrats on such an encouraging comment from your professor. Why is wandering soul negative though? We’re all wandering nomads literally and metaphorically. I love this name! All the best for your writing.

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    2. Thanks !!
      Wandering Soul sounds fancy when you link it to wandering dervishes alone otherwise it signifies someone not at peace with himself or herself. Not at a stable stage and wandering in between. Just like wandering and lost souls between two lives.
      If it rings positivity and clicks with you then anything else doesn’t matter though.
      Happy blogging to you too!!

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