New Blogs I Discovered Last Week

I promised. So I deliver. After all, Derek Shepherd said … Oh well, I can’t remember anything he said that fits the situation. Let’s just get on with it, shall we?

I am taking My Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter and we have to read four blogs every day as part of the mandatory activities. As a result of this, I discovered some wonderful new blogs which I absolutely loved spending time on.

Unfortunately, since these blogs are not hosted on WordPress, the Reblog button won’t help. And while they are part of the ‘From Around the World‘ feature I use to feature new blogs, you would have to visit them individually to read their posts. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind doing that. After all, it’s a beautiful day to read new blogs. 😉

So here goes –

KohlEyed Me
I not only loved the clean-clutter free look of her blog (much unlike my mind, hence proved that opposites attract) but also the content. She is an amazing writer – well known and widely followed in the Indian blogger community, dog-lover, foodie, music lover, and a wannabe world traveller (It seems like I am describing myself except for the amazing writer bit.) Do check out her posts on Thailand, which for me brought back some great memories from our family holiday there. Don’t take my word for it, go give it a read yourself.

Family On The Wheels
This family of three – the adorable 3-year old ‘master puppeteer’, captain of the ship Mommy and the unofficial porter and book-keeper Daddy- has travelled 18 states and 6 countries already. A family that travels together and even blogs about it.

It isn’t easy to write about travel. Trust me, I would know! And yet, here is a blogger (an adorable kid who isn’t allowed on social media handles as yet) who makes you forget your current physical surroundings and takes you along on the experiences with him. As I was reading their post on the Jim Corbett jungle safari, I felt the tension of the charging tiger course through my veins. Definitely worth a visit.

I Rhyme Without Reason
A writer, poet, avid reader, and a photograher, his blog is a mix of all the above creative forms. And no, he doesn’t rhyme without reason – he truly makes a lot of sense, and if there was any doubt here’s proof of his impactful writing.  Do check this blog out!

Little Heart Speaks
She calls herself ‘almost a writer’ but I insist on calling her one and her very relatable post about leaving a place you love so much isn’t the only reason.  Till we meet again triggered a gamut of emotions in me – memories about my time in Mumbai, sadness at moving from a place we’ve lived in for almost twenty-five years, and a strange sense of excitement about the unknown (for the new place). Her posts made me introspect about lots of things including how writers like Asmita and me who have this insecurity and need for constant validation. (It is something that is common to all us writers? I wonder if those pursuing other art forms are just as doubtful of their abilities.) Need I even say you should visit the blog?

(Asmita’s blog is on WordPress, but I had to include her in this list simply because I loved her blog so much.)

Twinkling Tina Cooks
– And how! I’ve already bookmarked this blog and am waiting for the burden to be lifted off my frail shoulders so I can try those yummy recipes, as expected, botch them up, and then blame Tina for being such a brilliant cook. Her recipes are simple, and explained well – rocket science explained like my tiny brain can understand, so YAY! Yes, Yes, go make the Deconstructed Lemon Tart. And because your fabulous successful attempt to make them is going to be more delicious than my disaster, do remember to send me some, too!

And that’s all the blogs I am going to share with you for now. You can read them, browse them, and follow them at your own pace (instead of every day). No pressure of a deadline from my side for I am no guillotine, just a confused alien! 😛 Hope you enjoy exploring these!

46 thoughts on “New Blogs I Discovered Last Week

  1. I’m new to blogging and it was really helpful to look at some clean, well designed sites. Thanks for the info. Do you regularly “review” other sites? I thought your insights were helpful. Thanks again.

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  2. Considering the similarity in thoughts and taste, am wondering if am you or you are me or we are the same person. 😉 :p lol (I couldn’t stop giggling at this play of words) Loved it.

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  3. That’s quite a varied list. Being a fiction lover and one who writes about feminism, I loved your take on thr latter. I also enjoyed Ashima for her book review , Kadambari for her short story, Knights of steel (his journey in fighting depression). Look forward to diverse readings in this fortnight

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  4. Happy to be on your list, dear Piyusha. Sorry for the late visit. Couldn’t do much reading the last couple of days because of family commitments. 😦
    But I love your space as well. Count me for more visits! 🙂

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