Book Review: Just Married, Please Excuse

A story about a married couple who discover the journey to being happily married isn’t as obstacle-free as originally imagined.
Caution: Marriage Ahead … Yashodhara, a quick-tempered gal from the big city, is hitched to Vijay, a laidback desi boy from a small town – in one word, trouble! The young couple must learn to adjust to married life and to each other – whether it is Yashodhara’s ‘tamper tentrums‘ or Vijay’s foot-in-mouth syndrome – with a little help from their idiosyncratic staff Zarreena and Vinod, their nutty friend Vivi and, of course, their respective families. With the unexpected arrival of baby Anoushka a.k.a Peanut, the battles escalate, fuelled by their vastly divergent views on raising a child. Will their many differences – so endearing at the start of their romance – actually turn out to mean that they are just incompatible? Will they ever manage to agree on anything? Or have they just bitten off more than they can chew? A fresh and honest take on marriage and parenthood, this is a story of self-discovery that will have you laughing out loud – and sympathizing wholeheartedly with its quirky and likeable cast of characters.
Just married.jpg
This is the author’s first and somehow I read her third book, There’s Something About You, first. I had expected this to be just as endearing and sweet, with interesting doses of humour sprinkled here and there. But it so much more than just a fun read.
It is hilarious and entertaining as hell. It is refreshing and heartfelt, and sometimes wickedly funny.
The author’s ability to see the lighter side, even in the unlikeliest of situations and present in through the protagonist is commendable. To me, it seemed an autobiographical account of her own experiences, albeit presented more humourously.
Three months into their relationship and Vijay pops the marriage question. Twenty-three-year-old Yashodhara, though taken aback at first, gives in and says yes. What follows is a roller-coaster ride of adjusting with the in-laws and romantic interludes, until the pregnancy stick shows two lines. And then, arrives Peanut and with it, even more, differences crop up between the protagonists.
While Yashodhara with her impulsiveness and short temper is cute, and Vijay with his simple, small-town upbringing is endearing, the hero of the story is definitely the writing.
The narrative is entertaining and offers a fresh and honest take on marriage. And it’s no rosy romance and living ‘happily ever after’.
Innumerable incidents like the driving lessons, their first date, Yashodhara’s attempts at getting Vijay to quit smoking, the earthquake evacuation, and many others had me laughing out loud.

Would definitely urge all to pick this one up here.

Have you read Just Married, Please Excuse? What did you think of it? Share your thoughts and reviews on the book via the comment box below.

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