2018 is Here!


First things first,  Happy New Year

2016 was the year of discovery. I realized I could officially call myself a writer.

I reached a record number of views on my blog. From being a blogger and freelance writer, I became part of an anthology – Mock, Stalk and Quarrel.

The spate of successes continued in 2017.

  • I got another record number of views early in the year, and this time the record seemed impossible to beat again.
  • I got an opportunity to be a part of a fast-growing publishing house, Readomania. Even though the stint was temporary, I learnt so much.
  • The previous record of maximum views was bested, thanks to Blogchatter’s campaign My Friend Alexa.
  • I got my CELTA certification, and decided I wanted to teach English Language for Creative Writers.
  • I started it as a project thanks to (again!) Blogchatter’s support and a dedicated campaign called BlogchatterProjects.
  • That I had to abandon both campaigns for different reasons- that too when I was so close to the end goal- is a huge regret.
  • I also got a chance to take over the online writing community of Sheroes. Again, a short-term project but so satisfying.
  • I finished work on my manuscript, even though I am putting it in the cold storage for now.

In 2016, I was focussed on discovering and developing my skills as a writer.
In 2017, I chose to read and learn more. I discovered new things, learnt new skills, explored new avenues of creativity.

I took up colouring, albeit briefly.
I took up designing posters and creatives, also briefly.
I tried my hand at social media marketing.
I took to writing book reviews in order to learn the craft of writing better.

In 2018, it’s got to be a balance – of reading and writing, and learning and teaching, of work and fun.

The first day itself started on a wonderful note of a new milestone. 750 followers on my blog. Thank YOU!

And this is just the beginning. I’ve promised myself this would be the year of living life to the fullest. Of counting each moment as a blessing. Of making the most of what life has to offer. And so, I am going to grab with both hands whatever life throws at me!

I’ve already taken on a month-long challenge of writing a story a day. I’ve written two already. (Yup, I’m keeping my promise no matter what.)

Yeah, 2018 is here, and I gotta feeling this gonna be a good year! 🙂

5 thoughts on “2018 is Here!

  1. Many accomplishments for you in the year gone by. I can’t take part in any groups because of lack of time, but still happy with my numbers 🙂

    Good luck for 2018…it sure sounds would be good one for you!

    Liked by 1 person

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