Why I Feel My Heart Would Burst!

I feel like I’ll burst with happiness and excitement.

Today was a big day for the writer in me. I just got promoted to being an author.

My debut book – Just Another Day, a collection of 3 short stories, published by Readomania – was launched as an eBook on Kindle today.

Just Another Day - Cover Image
Copyright – Readomania

The book is now available on Amazon Kindle around the world. Do read and enjoy!
India: http://amzn.in/hOIaKxf
USA: http://a.co/fs5EBSW
Canada: http://a.co/9jwprWX
UK: http://amzn.eu/fF5U4zk

And as if this wasn’t enough, and just when I thought I’d relax today, put my feet up and revel in the sweet moment of joy at having become an author, came the first review – Book review: Just Another Day by Pijusha Vir.

And then came the first review on Amazon!

‘The three stories will engage you in an un-put-downable fashion for about three quarters of an hour and Piyusha’s easy narrative style will keep you engaged.’

I truly feel like I’ll burst into a million shiny pieces! It certainly isn’t #JustAnotherDay for me.

27 thoughts on “Why I Feel My Heart Would Burst!

  1. Congratulations, Pingu! I couldn’t be prouder for you. You have worked very hard for this day and I dare say earned it! I read your book and absolutely loved the stories. The 2nd story is my favorite in all 3. I will be posting my reviews on Goodreads and Amazon soon.

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