April Double Attack – A2Z and Camp NaNoWriMo

Ten days to go for April 1. Ten days to go for Blogging A2Z Challenge to begin. Also, ten days to go for Camp NaNoWriMo, since I foolishly decided to participate in both.

I’m already feeling the heat. The other participants have already begun to put up posts with the theme reveal, and here I haven’t even decided what I want to blog/write about.

I did zero in on the genre – flash fiction. Would that be the theme? Yes, right? YAY! So that’s one thing sorted. (Phew! I am telling you this April month is already freaking me out.)

I’ve aced the Camp NaNoWriMo challenge before, but I’ve never participated in the A2Z challenge before. This year I’m taking part in two separate challenges at the same time so it is kind of intimidating.

But what’s the fun in not challenging yourself, right? Besides, the purpose of these challenges is to get one to write more, and that’s all I need to do.

But to make life easier and to ensure I succeed at both, I’ll combine my aims for the two and write what would fit both challenges. Therefore, I plan to write short stories. (Instead of attempting to write a novel for Camp, and random blog posts for A2Z, as I was earlier contemplating.)

To participate in the Blogging A2Z with Blogchatter, I shall write the stories based on the alphabet of that day. And this helps me participate in the Camp NaNoWriMo challenge too, as my goal for that is to write an hour a day.

So then that’s the themeShort Stories.

And suddenly, that doesn’t seem so scary anymore. I think I shall be able to do this.

Yahoo, I am ready for this double attack. Bring it on!

Yahoo, I am ready for this double attack. Bring it on!

The only thing left to do now is … to actually write the stories. Yikes!

I am taking the Challenge of April with Blogchatter, are you?

34 thoughts on “April Double Attack – A2Z and Camp NaNoWriMo

  1. You are one wonder blogger then, just like the image you have chosen of a wonder woman! I can’t imagine taking up two challenges simultaneously while struggle to finish one challenge! Cheers to you. All the best. And I love that theme, short stories.

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