Baby’s Day Out

‘New Designs – Brie’s Bikinis . On Racks Now’

Rhia looked at the display board outside the swanky store and stopped short. Her arms were aching from the weight of the shopping bags she was already carrying.

Would one more be too many? How would her thrifty husband react at the sight of the many shopping bags? She remembered his disapproving gaze at her increasing waistline.

‘Baby, you could have chosen walking as an exercise instead.’ He would cluck his tongue.

She was just about to walk away when the shop assistant spotted her and smiled. Waving to her, the petite girl welcomed her in. Rhia’s resolve wavered, even as she caught sight of the display window. A wafer-thin mannequin dressed in a beautiful swimsuit – a black bodice with various hues of blue and green splashing across its front – caught her eye.


Rhia looked up to see her favourite cafe beckoning her. She answered the call of sinful indulgence and walked off in its direction. It was time for her favourite – a chilled frappe topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Shopping was just as strenuous an activity.

Besides, the baby growing in her tummy wasn’t going to feed itself.

23 thoughts on “Baby’s Day Out

    1. I wouldn’t know! I’m single. And it’s not ‘allowance’ but something all homemakers are entitled too. Plus how a couple decides to share the household expenses is upto them. Good you’re able to make your own money. May not be an option for all women. Let’s give them benefit of the the doubt. 🙂

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  1. I loved the heading- Baby’s Day Out (the actual baby’s day out and Ria’s [baby for her husband] day out). Naaicee.. So, for me, both the babies enjoyed to the T. And that Frappe.. Slurrp.. ab mujhe bhi jana padega to a cafe. 😛 🙂

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    1. Haha.. thanks.. n that frappe…. Aah.. it so is.. sure.. neki aur poochh poochh.. leme know when.. let’s make it happen.. but, after April.. what say.?

      P.S.- I watched Baby’s Day Out in school and i still love this movie… super cute..

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