Charity Begins at Home

Rhia bolted the door and looked around the house. Or rather, her home. Was it a home? When did it come to this? When did she become the unpaid maid? There seemed to be no other purpose to her existence other than cooking and cleaning. What was her role in this house?

Rhia shook her head, a plan forming in her mind. A home-maker Rhia went about her day as usual, taking a break only at lunch. Before she knew it, the day was over, her husband was back home and demanding tea.

He threw the tie on the sofa.

‘Why are you late, again?’

‘Chandan needed help. Rhia, it’s such an incredible feeling to help others.’ He tossed his shoes aside.

‘What’s for dinner?’ He added.

‘Nothing. I’ve not made it yet.’

Her husband looked around at the laundry basket overflowing with soiled clothes and the sink with dirty dishes. He hadn’t been served tea even.He glared at her curled up in front of the TV. ‘What the hell do you do sitting around the house all day. Can’t you even do this much?’

‘Did you know?’ she began calmly, ‘In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that an unemployed wife’s income is one-third of her husband’s salary. Or you could start by helping around the house too.’

With that Rhia left the room, much to the bewilderment of her husband.


17 thoughts on “Charity Begins at Home

  1. Awesome glad she gave back, I don’t quite get this idiotic notion of men who come home and expect their wife to treat them like a royal king. I am not sure why I wasn’t following your series but I am going to watch out now, there is lots in common

    Liked by 1 person

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