Devil and The Deep Sea

A cackle of laughter from her boss’s cabin startled her. She waited patiently, for the conversation to end and the man to leave, after which she waltzed right in. Seeing her irate expression, her manager spoke up without preamble. ‘Look, Rhia, you can’t possibly object to someone smiling.’

‘His hand brushed past my chest. And not for the first time.’

‘Yes, he told me how that had been accidental. You should withdraw this complaint.’ He pointed to the hand-written complaint she had submitted against her colleague. He looked at her. ‘Just accept his apology, will you? Or you could resign, if you’re that uncomfortable.’

‘Those are the only two options I have? Accept and move on. Or quit and move on. That’s like between the devil and the deep sea.’ Rhia shook her head in disappointment and walked off.

On reaching her desk, Rhia opened her browser application and keyed in the search words – ‘how to break someone’s arm’.

Disclaimer – The above story is strictly for entertainment purposes. Violence is not the correct way to deal with sexual harassment. If subjected to sexual harassment at the workplace, please seek suitable redressal options in compliance with your organization’s policies on the prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace.

24 thoughts on “Devil and The Deep Sea

  1. I liked the short fiction. Especially the ending … its just the kind of thought that comes with extreme frustration. And, also illustrates how indirectly women are always held responsible when someone harasses them.

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  2. Short and Interesting end. Like the way you left the story for readers to imagine as per their own thoughts! Me definetly want the culprit to have a broken arm! If not by her, at least by karma when he is on his way back to home 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah.. like they say when they brush against our chest, not once but repeatedly.. ‘oh, sorry, by mistake’… Fortunately, we make such oops mistakes only once.. so wish I could/would make one… Maja aayega.. 😀

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