Family Comes First

Rhia shut off her desktop and extracted her handbag from the shelf where she had dumped it in the morning when she came to work. It had been a hectic day and she was looking forward to going home and soaking in a hot bath. She looked forward to making pasta for the family today.

Her manager came round just then. ‘Arey, what? It’s only six fifteen. Leaving so soon!’

‘Uh yeah, the day is over, right? I’m leaving for home.’

He rolled his eyes. ‘Everyone is working, aren’t they? Look at Manish, Aryank, Maji. Look there, Aftab is still on a client call. You can’t take privileges just because you’re a woman. Why can’t you put in more efforts?’

‘I do, sir, during the day!’ The unspoken words that referred to the frequent smoking breaks and long lunch hours that the men indulged in wasn’t lost on him. She watched her manager’s ears turn red.

‘Now it is time for the adarsh Bharatiya naari to take on the role of the mother, wife, daughter-in-law. Because you see, you, Manish, Aryank, Maji, and Aftab are all still here.’

16 thoughts on “Family Comes First

  1. What’s it with women leaving early, oh I should say on time never quite got it. Work life balance is something everyone should strive for, not just women and that will happen when more women enforce shared parenting And shared household responsibilities on their spouse

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    1. I remember this time when I was leaving half an hour earlier than closing hour for a two hour drive home and my boss was like ‘What? Why? But you have a driver?’ (As if driver is superman!)

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  2. I had a colleague, who had to be at home for some function at home but our boss didnt let her and warned her that dont commit timmings to your husband.

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    1. Oh, that’s so horrendous. Unfortunately, if it had been a function at his own house, he would have expected his wife to be there. Please do show her this, and tell her that there are people who are trying to speak up on the behalf of people like her. 🙂


    1. Aiyyo! I am simply making them up as I go along. Hadn’t even planned it like a series. Just so panned out like that. But you got me thinking…. hmm… Let’s see. 😀


  3. As rightly pointed out above, i dont think the manager would have got the hint. I have literally been in that situation when I first got married. On one hand a manager who only considered check in and check out times. On the other hand, a new husband who wanted to spend time together in the evenings as well as new responsibilities. An issue worth highlighting.

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    1. I’ve had the same experience. Sometimes bosses can be so insensitive. Even if he doesn’t, hope the real life bosses get the message. 😉
      I’m glad the story found resonance in you. Thank you for reading and commenting.


  4. Honestly from my experience in the corporate world, I don’t think that a man would have got the subtle message.. But that last line really made the required impact!! Good on her for standing up to him.

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