God Is Everywhere

God is everywhere, and he is watching you!

The first time Rhia heard this she was seven. Her mother snatched the pencil she clutched between her fingers and put it back where it belonged – on the shelf of the gift shop they were at.

‘Have some fear of God’s wrath.’ Her mother reprimanded her. With an apologetic look, her mother turned the shopkeeper and apologized. A watchful Rhia learnt an important lesson.

‘Ma, who made God?’ She asked one day when her inquisitiveness got the better of her.

‘God is everywhere. No one made him.’

‘Is he here right now?’

‘Yes, Rhia, he is everywhere. Even inside you.’

‘Then why do we have to visit the temple every day?’ She complained. Rhia found in the wee hours of the morning only to visit the temple a cumbersome activity.

‘Uff! You ask too many questions. Come now, let’s take prasad.’

One month after her fourteenth birthday, Rhia was told she couldn’t visit the temple during certain days of the month. She nodded her head in nonchalance, even secretly pleased.

She already knew visiting the temples was unnecessary. God was everywhere.

11 thoughts on “God Is Everywhere

    1. Oh yes, it really is a business of fear rather than respect and love for God. Someone once ridiculed me , saying, ‘Ever been to a temple in your life?’ Why don’t people get that this is so personal and cannot be forced.


  1. God has been always questioned about existance. The problem is not the question, but the people who blindly follow make the others to question things.

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  2. Visiting your blog for the first time finding you on the #Challenge participant list. Aren’t we blessed to KNOW that God is everywhere indeed. I love the challenge for this reason to discover other bloggers who write and love to learn from the many themes that are presehted. If you have time and interest, I am writing about BOOKSTORES this year, their architecture, location and the good people who sell books. Certainly a passion of mine. In the novels I write, I hope it is apparent that God is central to the authors view of the world.


    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. We indeed are blessed to know that God is everywhere. Problem arises when we choose to not remember that as per our convenience. 😀 Bookstores are an interesting theme. Shall certainly check it out. Thanks, again. 🙂


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