An I for an I

Rhia couldn’t believe the words being hurled at her. She recovered quickly enough and yelled back at her accuser. ‘You’re always only expecting me to handle everything. As if I am your personal maid, house-cleaner, cook, etc. Don’t I have feelings? What about me? What about what I like?’

‘What about you, huh? What about you? I’m letting you indulge in this stupid timepass hobby of yours. I am not even asking you to manage the house every day. All I am saying is you can spend a little lesser time playing around with this stupid lump of mud.’ He kicked the sculpture she had spent two weeks working on.

Rhia gasped. ‘How dare you?’ She sputtered in fury. ‘That … that was… As if what you do is very important.’

‘Damn right, it is important. I pay the bloody bills.’

‘Really? Bills? This vase was a necessary expense, was it? I keep the house together but you can’t see that!’ She knocked over the prized antique vase he had brought on a previous work trip.

Broken shards of both their prized possessions lay strewn on the floor around them. It wasn’t just the materialistic objects that lay broken in the distance between them.

16 thoughts on “An I for an I

  1. Just like you said, the problems are created by “I”, the people in busy life and to manage two ends meet, i.e. financially as well as socially, they forget the “We”. Keep Going, Keep Inspiring.

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    1. Well, they are both not acknowledging the contributions of each. Whether she pays the bills or whether he helps with housework is secondary. The problem arises when the focus is on ‘I’ and that’s not something that can easily be solved. Thank you so much for reading and appreciating. I look forward to your feedback each day. It adds new meaning to the story. 🙂 ❤

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    2. I don’t think it is the problem of working or not working. I think it has more to do with acknowledging what one brings to the table and appreciating that. Also, to respect one’s choice of doing what they wish to do. There are many double-income couples who fight worse than this, and likewise, many couples where the wife is a silent suffered. I feel both are incorrect. Thanks for sharing your views. Appreciate it.

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    1. It’s always the men who do all the important work but the women who sit at home and do God knows what all day. 😛
      Your comment made my day, thank you so much!


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