Que Sera Sera

Avantika watched from afar. Her heart thudded like it would cause an explosion in her bode any time. She tried calming her nerves but it just didn’t help. How could it? He had just walked in.

Avantika ran to the pantry, under the pretext of another cup of coffee. He’d surely go past the pantry to reach his cubicle.

She waited silently, patiently. Even though he was back in the office after almost a week, it seemed to her as if she’d spoken to him just yesterday. Oh wait, she had actually spoken to him just yesterday. He had called to get an update about work before resuming work today.

She’d given it enough thought. If he felt the same, why didn’t he come out and say it? Or was he waiting for her to say it? He should have known her enough to know how shy she was. She hardly ever spoke even. Or was that the problem?

Avantika decided to take the plunge and tell him upfront. She waited till he was in the pantry to speak to him. She’d say it today, and deal with the consequences later.

5 thoughts on “Que Sera Sera

    1. A lot depends on the personalities of the two people involved. Shy people tend to keep their feelings under wraps. They are unable to express even if they wish to. The shy boy and the boisterous girl is so overdone now that it is taken for granted that the girl should be the bold and expressive one among the two.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

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