It’s Raining, Men

The storm clouds darkened the sky. The accompanying thunder stayed in the distance. Jayati stood at the window – the floor-length glass pane offering her an unhindered view of the building across the garden that separated them.

The day earlier had been darker than the sky overhead. Snippets of conversations from during the day plagued her mind. Had she really lost the big assignment she had worked so hard for?

She remembered the last conversation with her boss; or rather only snippets of what had registered after he had told her he was giving the prestigious assignment to her male colleague. Some of those words came back to her at that moment but what was the point in remembering it now. It was always men who won at the end. All the big assignments, prestigious projects were rained on the men.

‘It’s raining, men,’ she thought, then remembering how the recent hires had all been men too, corrected it too, ‘It’s raining men, too.’

The darkness hung low outside the window and in her mind.

(to be continued)

3 thoughts on “It’s Raining, Men

  1. It’s not easy for anyone, let alone women, to go against the tide. A lot of women don’t speak up for fear of repercussions and consequences. It is the unfortunate reality even today. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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