Silver Linings

(contd. from here)

The darkness hung low outside the window and in her mind. The breeze slowly picked up speed and competed with the onslaught of thoughts running through her mind.

She stood there a long time, watching as the clouds opened up and let free the arrows of water droplets. They crashed and thrashed the window. It felt like hammering on her heart.

Jayati felt pity for the poor glass window and decided to offer it some respite from the pelting rain. She slid the door open and stepped out. The rain welcomed her warmly and drenched her cold within minutes. She stood there a long time – challenging the rain until it finally gave up and accepted defeat. And yet, the darkness refused to lift up.

It was later, much later, when the silver lining appeared in the clouds. Jayati stood agape looking at the skies after HR had handed her a promotion letter the next day. She wouldn’t be doing the assignment but instead heading it.

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