A Stitch in Time

The wind was picking up speed. Worried the weather would worsen before she could reach home, Titu hurried. It was important to collect all the material to put it all together. She infused renewed energy in find the binding agents she so desperately needed.

She had started her search a week ago. Her foresight and timely action in such matters was well appreciated by members of her community. But she had expected to have another week at least. She had heard some rumours about changing weather patterns but this…. This was something else, entirely.

Titu looked up at the sky again. She still had some time left. Home was not very far away but it would still be some distance. She found the last item on her list and quickly picked it up.

Rushing home, she placed the string strategically and bound the straw pieces together. Finally, she wound the thread around the base of the straw bowl and fastened it to the iron rod protruding from the ledge.

A few minutes later, when the raindrops arrived and cooled the scorching earth, Titu and her little ones were safely settled in their newly built nest.

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