Vengeance with a Smile

Rupa defiantly stared back at the slice of sinful indulgence – the dark gooey chocolate brownie. It had given her enough heartbreak over the last few months. Have it, not have it – it was always a battle between the heart and the mind.

Rupa remembered how she had excitedly announced to her husband she had managed to stick to her resolve of taking only stairs for a whole month now. In response, Ranjeet had only sniggered. ‘That’s why it takes you an hour to get from ground floor to third floor.’

She remembered how when she had picked up the carton of sugarfree juice, her husband had raised an eyebrow and said, ‘Why buy it at all when you won’t drink it?’ Dejected, Rupa had kept it back. He was right, of course. The bland-tasting liquid wasn’t half as delicious as its sweetened variety.

All her elaborate plans of conforming to a certain weight had failed miserably. Just today, she had been told she was too shapeless to accompany her husband to social gatherings.

Rupa smiled to herself. She hated those parties anyway.

She turned to the server, her smile still in place. ‘Warm it up, please,’ she said, pointing to the slice of brownie.

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