Not Much Has Changed: A Look at the Past Decade

Decade. The word itself evokes a million memories and a zillion other emotions.

Setbacks. Sacrifices. Failures. Compromises.

Achievements. Victories. Learnings. Experiences.

The past ten years have brought opportunities for me to savour it all. Or so it seems.

In 2009, I was working at an entry-level position, miserable with the fact that despite my MBA degree I was still stuck with sitting at the reception desk, dealing with incessantly ringing phone lines and misplaced courier deliveries.

Ten years later, I have not only changed jobs and careers but my entire life. And yet, it feels as if nothing much has changed.

I am still single.

I am still living with my parents.

I am still struggling to find a steady income to sustain myself without having to depend upon my parents to help me with finances.

I still love mint chocolate.

I am still overweight.

Ten years later, I am still regaling my friends with stories of full-grown men who address me as ‘my princess’ within five minutes of us exchanging our first message.

I am still enjoying the pleasures of small luxuries like late-night chats with Mom or a cup of evening tea with Dad.

I am still encouraged to weave whimsical dreams and chase them, without worrying about who is putting food on the table.

Not much has changed. Except for the part that I am older, but not any wiser! I guess no matter how many decades go by, this is one thing that doesn’t change for any of us. The ability to prove ourselves idiots is timeless; with every new mistake being more ridiculous than the last!

The world has begun to call me a Writer and Author rather than a Senior Executive or Assistant Manager. I am known not by my designation on my business card (which was Associate Director of Sales, when I last had a visiting card) or the organisation I work for but rather by who I am.

Who am I today, you ask?

I myself don’t know; for I am still exploring, experimenting, learning. Living.

What do I fill my days with is something I can answer with surety.

I write. I dream. I teach. I colour. I laugh. I create. I live.

Not much has changed though. I still count my achievements as I did before, although the achievements are no longer about closing yet another hard-to-negotiate deal but about having written something. Instead of waking up to calls from the security guard informing me that the entire housekeeping team did not turn up for their shift, I now wake up to ‘Hey, I read that article/story/blog post you wrote and you know what? I loved it.’

Instead of explaining to my boss why I did not meet the month’s sales figures, I now explain to fellow readers why a particular book is worth their time. No prizes for guessing which is more fun!

Not much has changed though. Sure, I no longer dream of being the head of the Sales Department. No longer do I receive trophies for achieving 110% of my sales targets. And neither do I wonder what it would be like if I were to be whimsical and impractical, and not rational and sensible. No longer do I wistfully wish that I would write again, or that I could quit my job and sit in bed and read all day. No more do I desire to be crazy or courageous enough to stop doing what makes me miserable and instead do what makes me happy.

I am very much who I was a decade ago, albeit with two solo-authored books to my name.

I am still racked with self-doubts.

I am still winning awards, albeit for my writing now.

I still wonder, though. I wonder what you would think of this post.

I still dream, though. I dream of writing a novel someday.

I still desire to be crazy. Crazy enough to take on new challenges every day.

I still wish for courage. Courage to walk on more untrodden paths and seek new learnings that would make me a better individual.

After all, it’s only been ten years, and as is evident, nothing much has changed.

What was your decade like? Have you also changed careers or your entire life? Do you find what I did challenging? Share your thoughts and feedback with me using the comment box below.

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Featured Image by Sid Balachandran on Unsplash

126 thoughts on “Not Much Has Changed: A Look at the Past Decade

  1. I feel you 🙂 Nothing actually changes, after a decade, when we retrospect, we realize that the person, the soul within is still the same. Superficially, things appear to have changed, moving from sales to books, but somewhere within we know, we haven’t changed. Remain the same beautiful you always. Am so glad you participated in this blog hop and shared this beautiful piece with us 🙂

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  2. Who doesn’t know you 🙂 As you say nothing much has changed.

    I also started writing with my struggling job, however my own insecurities never allowed me to take a deep dive into it. I am still working full time my software sector job and perusing my writing only in wee hours. It is great that despite not much changed in your life, you still have stars talking about you.

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  3. First of all, I would like to point out…I loved the statement you have written just above the comment box. 🙂
    Secondly, I should congratulate you for finding your true calling in the decade passed by…even though you think that much hasn’t changed in your life :))
    Trust me I have seen people, who either never found their true calling or knew what the life was asking from them and yet threw it back on its face.
    Your writing skills are captivating. Although this is the first time I have come across your blog I must say I am extremely glad to find it. Your phenomenal writing skills have got me hooked.
    Keep writing Keep growing.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I do feel I was truly blessed to have followed my love. And to have really made a difference, too. So glad you liked the post and the writing. 🙂 Comments like yours keep me going. Thank you so much!


  4. The post that says nothing much has changed… and also mentions your upward walk towards being an author very modestly. I appreciate your post and it has been a complete different take on the decade! After reading this I too started thinking about the me who didn’t change in some areas. Glad to have come across your bog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So happy to know my post got you thinking. We focus on the change too much all the time to really appreciate what stayed the same too. Sometimes, not changing something is just as valuable, isn’t it? Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

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  5. The desire to be the same as before versus the efforts put in to be the same. Hmmm. I think the latter comes when you feel love for what you do n feel happy with little things that make us.
    Kudos to the author for discovering this and sharing with us.

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  6. Such a positive post this is, Piyusha! People have a misconception that we HAVE to work in the area we’re educated in even when a lot of times that isn’t the case. Accepting life as it comes and finding joy in something that’s truly rewarding is a great service to yourself.

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  7. You are giving positive vibes with your post and who said you haven’t achieved, your writing skill is just imagined, it’s glad that I met a writer who can perfectly note down her thoughts in a unique way.

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  8. it’s really nice to read about this wandering wondering soul,I can so much relate to what you have written. I think this is the case with most of us, the last decade definitely gave us several learnings and we are exploring our learning through the feedback or the observation being shared. I am so happy to read about what you are doing currently it is so nice to read about those comparisons where you mentioned about the late night calls about the security or administration team calling you and now you receiving calls about your article or blogs . I am very happy to know you piyusha and look forward to reading more of your quills

    Liked by 1 person

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