Long before superheroes in capes conquered our imagination, there was Lord Vishnu!

In Hindu mythology, wherever there is evil and whenever the world needed to be rescued, He would materialise to fulfil His role as preserver and protector. Vishnu was also the shapeshifter supreme, manifesting in different forms through different time zones and worlds.

Daśāvatāra is a fun retelling of stories about Lord Vishnu’s ten avatars, how they manifest in the world and how they save it. Trekking across these pages are also fearless warriors and kings, mystical and mythical creatures, powerful gods and goddesses and powerful demons. Dazzling illustrations come together with riveting stories to truly capture the essence of a mighty god and his timeless miracles.

Published by Westland Publications, under their children’s imprint, Red Panda. Available offline at bookstores and online on Amazon.

Dashavatar Cover

Did you know that each avatar of Vishnu arrived with a specific purpose? Time and again, Vishnu has manifested in different forms to fulfil his role as a ‘protector’ of the world. Among the long list of 24 avatars, ten avatars have captured our imagination for centuries together—Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parshuram, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, and Kalki. But how exactly did these avatars impact the society? And how do they link to the Charles Darwin theory of evolution? While each avatar has its own set of legends that extoll their characteristics and deeds, the stories behind them are just as interesting and informative. Presented in a contemporary and unbiased perspective, these stories of the ten avatars of Vishnu are an attempt to make mythology more believable and relevant to the world that we live in today.

Published by Readomania Publishing, it is available offline at leading bookstores across the country. Online at Amazon India.

Just Another Day - Cover Image

There are 85,000 moments in a day for things to happen. Things that are routine or just plain weird, pleasantly funny or cruelly hope-shattering. Things that happen all in a day that is just like another.

Three short stories that take a peek into the self-sure psyche of individuals with different hopes from and of life. And when these three people tell you how their day was like, you will know that life has changed for them and for you.

Can life be that unpredictable as it unfolds in a span of 24 hours only? Is it really just another day?

Just Another Day – published by Readomania, under their online imprint Readomania Shots, is available only on Kindle.