An Early X’Mas

(contd. from here)

An hour later, Dinesh, her husband sat at the dining table. ‘Why couldn’t you solve their fight and make them pasta?’ He helped himself to another helping of rice and dal.

‘Because I am not Wonder Woman or Super Woman or an incarnation of any God. I am a normal woman and wish to be treated so.’

Dinesh looked at her in surprise. It was quite unlike the always amiable Hina to reply like that. He chewed his food in silence, contemplating the reason for this outburst. After a few moments of silence, he spoke up again. ‘Can a normal woman celebrate Christmas early?’


‘I thought I’d give you an early Christmas present this year.’

‘What for? You’ve never given me one all these years.’

‘Just… look… you’re my Wonder Woman. I don’t care what you say but, for me, you are. And I sometimes feel like I don’t appreciate you enough. Let me take you out for shopping, and dinner afterwards?’

‘Make it a movie, shopping, dinner, and a foot massage. Deal?’

Dinesh looked at her dumbstruck. After a long minute of silence, he muttered, ‘Alright, for you I’ll brave a terrible romance movie too.’

‘Merry X’Mas.’ Hina giggled and threw her arms around her husband.

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