Just Another Day

I don’t know how to start this story. I just don’t. I’ve made several different attempts but deleted them all each time. 

May be because instead of giving you one story based on the alphabet J, I want to give you three!

Just Another Day, under Readomania Shots (an online imprint for short stories, poetry and flash fiction from Readomania) is now available on Amazon Kindle around the world.

It is a collection of three short stories, that span over the course of a day. These stories are all about how a day starts off like any other but by the end of it has completely turned out to be something else, even transforming your life. Isn’t that how real life works sometimes.

Because this book has consistently been getting rave reviews and has regularly made its way to the Top rankings in Amazon Bestseller charts, instead of writing a short story, I decided to offer you the stories in this ebook that is available on Kindle (on the device as well as the phone app).

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It is available in Canada, UK, and across the globe on Kindle Unlimited too.

Here’s a few of the things that some prolific writers and erudite readers have said about my debut book –

Three short stories by Piyusha Vir feel like three smart shots to prove her versatility in just matter of under forty minutes’ reading time. Just Another Day is really all about just that: things that happen in a matter of a day. First person narratives that are racy, gripping and if I may add, creepy in their own way, Piyusha doesn’t take too long to bring her reader into her story’s setting. – Kirthi Jayakumar (Social Activist, Lawyer, Author of The Doodler of Dimashq)

Short, intense and brilliant. The language is clean and sharp, and the pace keeps one hooked. A quick read, that packs in a surprising amount of wow! – Vijayalakshmi Harish (Writer and Blogger, Regular Contributor on WomensWeb)

Delectable collection with a lingering aftertaste 🙂 The concept is brilliant and the author has done full justice to it in all the three stories. Each is of a different genre and that makes it an interesting collection. I also loved that the author chose first person narrative for all the three stories. Worth a read for sure! – Anupama Dalmia (Dancer-Choreographer, Award-Winning Blogger and Writer, Contributor to WomensWeb, Momspresso)

I loved each one. Didn’t have a minute to spare and had thought that I’d get back to reading the next story after reading one but Piyusha ensures that you don’t stop. Definitely well spent 30 minutes. Also, loved the fact that I re read each story…just to be certain. Great thrillers. – Shavet Jain (Chief Community Officer at Momspresso, a leading parenting website in India)

What’s more is how different these stories are from each other, and yet each one so deftly handled. Piyusha’s language is fluid and easy, her setting brilliantly vivid; and so within a few sentences, you find you’ve been pulled into those stories. – Radhika Tabrez, winner of the Muse India – Satish Verma Young Writer Awards 2016.

Piyusha has handled all emotions and all genres in a single short read. Her writing style and the flow of the stories also allured me. If you are looking for a stress buster read without skimming through 200 pages, then “Just Another Day” is what you need! Vandana Bhasin (Life coach, blogger and award-winning poet)

And today morning came the fortieth review on Amazon and I can’t stop smiling

What I found extremely refreshing was the author’s conversational style of storytelling. Piyusha draws the reader into a magical circle by creating a bond…a bond that is distinctive and exclusive. Each reader feels that a private dialogue has been initiated with the author. It is a difficult ambience to develop where the writer can bring this personal note into the telling yet Piyusha does it easily and with aplomb. – Sutapa Basu, editor, writer, author of the bestselling Padmavati.

Shall look forward to your review of Just Another Day. Hope you enjoy it. 🙂



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