Letter To a Younger Me

Another amazing article for my section titled ‘From Around the World‘. This is a letter from Gabby Clark to her younger self. She blogs at Through Salt & Honey. Please do visit her blog. Comments disabled here.

Thanks for allowing me to put this here, Gabby.

Hey, it’s me. Well, it’s you, only older.

You’re 25 now. Doesn’t that sound so old? It’s really not. I know just yesterday you were talking to a childhood friend about how you are both half-way to 30, and you gasped and laughed and sighed a little relief into the phone’s receiver, comforted in knowing that adulthood is still so very far away.

It’s been ten years since then. TEN whole years.

It wasn’t as far away as you think. Turns out, that decade will come and go pretty quickly. And I hate to be the one to tell you, but you’re about to find out real soon that life, and love, are not at all what you imagine they should be. You’ll experience so much more in that time than your young heart can imagine, good and bad, helpful and hurtful.

Let me tell you just a little about your (our) next ten years.

That was an excerpt from Gabby Clark’s letter to herself. To read the complete letter, click here.


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