Pride Goes Before A Fall

The rising sun threw streaks of orange and red across the sky.

Arjun tried racing with the wind, desperate to reach the next tree before the leaves started rustling due to the breeze. He lost. He reduced the speed and tried his latest stunt again. Letting go of his hands while pedaling.

He’d grown used to it by now, and he’d even become something of an expert at it. He was the undefeated world champion. If handsfree bike riding was a category in Olympics, he’d have brought home the gold.

A few more minutes later, Arjun was more confident and decided to up the ante. He was proud and he would be prouder if he could try another stunt.After some sureshot planning in his mind, he decided to let go of his feet too. He pedaled ahead and then let go of his hands and feet at the same time.

The next moment, the cycle wobbled and careened off the paved pathway. Arjun grabbed the handlebar but it was already too late by then. He fell sideways on to the grass, with the cycle pinning him down.

The fall taught him what Raina miss couldn’t.

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