The Mango Man

Rajat looked out the window and noticed the weary, sweaty public without the comforts of luxury and riches he was accustomed to. Were they happy? Did they not feel the pang of poverty? What was it they would buy if they had all the money in the world?

Across the road, Rajat spotted an elderly man – his old, wrinkled face darkened from hours in the sun, droopy eyes that told many a tales of sorrow and hardships, and a smile that belied it all. Rajat quickly exited the air-conditioned environs of his Audi and made his way across. He pulled out his wallet and fished out a wad of notes. Thrusting them into the man’s palm, he said, ‘Keep it. You’re too old to work. Please take this money and use it wisely.’

‘I don’t want your pity and I don’t want your charity.’

Rajat laughed out loud. ‘Okay, okay. How much for these?’ He gestured to the mangoes arranged on the cart.

Annoyance flashed in the man’s eyes. ‘Money can’t buy you everything.’

Rajat looked back at him dumbstruck.

(to be continued)


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