Wonder Woman (No More)

After a long tiring day at work, Hina looked forward to a restful evening of a long warm bath and the company of a good book. Upon entering the house, she was greeted by a sight she hadn’t expected. Toys lay strewn all over the living room floor. There were scraps of paper lying around.

‘Mommy is here! I want pasta.’ Ranveer said, dropping his toys and rushing to her.

‘Mom, what about my project?’ Meeta, her daughter walked out from her room, chart paper and a pair of scissors in her hand.

Hina sighed. Forsaking the leisurely bath and her anticipated reading time, Hina freshened up and came back to deal with the domestic crisis within minutes.

‘No pasta, Ranveer. I am too tired to cook now. We’ll have to eat whatever Radha didi has prepared. Ask your father to help, Meeta.’ Twisting her long hair into a top knot, she walked into the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea. ‘I can’t possibly manage everything like you expect me to.’

‘Why not? You’re Wonder Woman. You can do everything.’

‘No, I quit. I am a normal person, and I don’t want you to expect me to do it all.’


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