A New Course for English Language for Creative Writers

It is common knowledge that any article needs to be readable (meaning well-written and edited) to keep the reader engaged.

A badly written article is the first thing that puts a reader off. They may still be able to brave a boring story or a questionable point of view but not bad grammar or punctuation.

In fact, when I read some of my earlier stories and articles, I feel like hiding under the bed out of shame.

When I first started writing my articles too were ridden with errors. Fortunately, some of my readers turned out to angels in disguise (heartfelt thanks to Rashmi Menon and Meg Sorick) and came forward to help. I was eager to learn and improve and I accepted all the positive and negative comments happily. Their feedback and critiques were instrumental in improving my writing skills.

Now, with two years of writing behind me and having gathered a few accolades for my writing, I realize how raw and unpolished my earlier pieces of writing were. Had it not been for those kind souls, I probably wouldn’t have reached the level I have today.

As I strive to do better and write even more impactful stories and articles, my two-year blogversary and a new initiative by Blogchatter spurred me to embark on a new project – teaching English Language for Creative Writing – to help others who are in the same position I was when I first started out.

I often come across writers who display amazing creativity and while their storytelling skills are wonderful, their English language skills leave much to be desired.

There are others who wish to write but for some reason haven’t yet been able to pick up the pen (or muster the will).

There’s a third category – us bloggers – who write but focus more on the content and quantity than quality.

This course is for whoever wishes to improve their English Language skills (whether to seriously pursue creative writing or improving their writing skills in general).

This course will cover topics of English language like grammar and vocabulary as well as creative writing techniques and interesting prompts to help exploit your skills and creativity. I shall also be writing articles and blog posts here to help share knowledge and through writing prompts and ideas to inspire writers.


If you know anyone who would be benefitted by this (Sign up on Skillshare.com, it’s free, plus because they have so many such fun courses to learn new skills you won’t regret it!) or if you wish to brush up your language skills, join me here.

Let language not restrict your expression anymore!

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