In 2017, porn consumption in India reportedly rose by 75 percent. Indians now account for the third-highest chunk of visitors to Pornhub (up from fifth highest in 2014), one of the biggest porn aggregator sites in the world. (Source - There is no denying that there is an increase in sexual awareness all across the world. Urgent calls to indulge in healthy and open discussions around sex are being made across the world — online and offline. Incidents of sexual abuse are more vocally being condemned, while at the same time, there is more focus on good sexual health. Amidst all of this, there is also the downside. Everything seems to be focused around sex — to the extent that, now there is an overdose of sexual content, direct or implied. Sex is used to sell everything from deodorants to inverters! This raises various questions, including the most critical one, how is porn affecting us as a society? It becomes imperative that for us to understand its impact, and analyze our own role in it.