The Mother's Day prompt was interesting and easy enough , I guess. At least the responses seem to indicate so. There were two very interesting write-ups. Once again, from Mandi and Sonali. I absolutely loved both the articles and especially was impressed by the novelty and unique perspective in both. It helped me change my perspective and I think that's the very purpose of being a writer and also of this very challenge. Another interesting story shared recently but for an earlier prompt was written by Rashmi. I loved the way the story was narrated.

Last week, we had changed the rules a bit and upped the ante. You story-tellers had had it too easy I had thought. :D I had prepared myself to be surprised yet again with your amazing stories. And surprised I was! Mandi's story about waging war to maintain peace and Sonali's story about battling environmental destruction to save lives were both futuristic and solved some world crisis, just as the challenge rules had demanded. I was also surprised at the lack of response as I had thought this challenge would be again child's play for you. Apparently, not. So, this time let us lower the stakes a bit and make it a little easier again. :)

Last week's challenge was interesting, wasn't it? I enjoyed it a lot, especially the contradiction in the tone of the words and the actual action happening in the scene. I liked Kay's story a lot. Wicked, it was! Lisa had me begging for more and Mandi's story on 'Renewing My License' was interesting. If you haven't read them, head over now. :) But the best one, that got the maximum likes too was Sonali's crime revenge thriller. The Delhi summer heat is scorching and reading all these amazing stories is a welcome respite. Thanks so much participating in the challenge. 

With Camp NaNoWriMo in full swing and my Sikkim travel tales, the Story Continuation Challenge got second rate treatment, unfortunately. But here it is , with another interesting prompt this week. But first, over to last week's stories. I loved the stories that came in last week. Let me repeat that. Absolutely, loved them! With such a depressing prompt, I hadn't expected such a variety of responses. You continue to surprise me, week after week.

Thank you for participating in last week's challenge. Here are the best stories for last week's prompt. Sandra's story had maximum likes. (No surprises there! :D )
As the sun set over the horizon, a deathly stillness descended with it. Her ashes drifting away, he clutched the sacred box, dreading his new life without her.
My personal favourite was a last minute entry; by Ankita.
As the sun set over the horizon, a deathly stillness descended with it. They will come back for me but I ain’t scared anymore because I have got nothing to lose. As I hold your lifeless body in my arms, I pledge to avenge your death, my love.
I loved her story so much that it inspired me to go far beyond what was written. I'm also going to try to write my own take of the story she started. She is also working on a longer one. I'm sure it's going to be very interesting to see how both our stories turn out. You're free to do that too. Would love to read what stories you all come up with. (Remember to ping-back and include the mandatory mention/credits :) ) Here's this week's prompt - 

Once again, thank you to all of you for participating in the previous week's challenge. I loved reading your stories, and it amazes me each time to see such amazing story-telling in such few lines. Last week's prompt was as random as it could be and yet the responses were inspiring and creative. My personal favorite was Luke's although I hate having to deal with a dead mouse. The story liked most was the poem written by Sandra. If you haven't already read her Friday Fiction, do so now. :) (Caution: Proceed only if you are 18+ ;) ) This week's prompt is -

To all those who participated to the Story Continuation Challenge last weekThank you for taking up the challenge. All the responses were amazing, and each one of you took us all on a beautiful journey through your short story. The creativity and story-telling is amazing. Congratulations to you all, for the amazing skills and talent.