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For our New Year celebration, my parents were participating in a Golf Tournament which was followed by a New Year party.
The venue was a small but challenging Golf Course, which my parents were looking forward to playing at. We would also get to meet other golfers and interact with them before the tournament officially started.
I however, was interested in only the part where I would get to enjoy New Year party. I refused to let my enthusiasm be affected by the teeny weeny little fact that it wasn't yet December 31st, and hence, not officially a New Year's Party.
We reached the venue early, and after the quick registration process and name tagging of the golf bags, were graciously escorted to the Welcome Lounge, where High Tea was being served. I found myself in luxurious environs and surrounded by the golfing elite. I had resolved to be on my best behaviour, even hoping to entice some handsome hunk to walk up to me and strike a conversation.
I chose a nice corner sofa and delicately perched myself on it, ignoring its groans and moans. "Hullo." I practiced a sophisticated drawl in my mind, with a slight tilt of my head and a Mona Lisa-like smile.

On a recent family trip to an out-of-town golf course, I had been designated as the unofficial photographer, and we had obtained permission for me to go on the golf course, despite not playing myself. I had a golf cart all to myself, and had promised to stay off the course; while my parents shared one and were on the course, playing. The golf course was vast and picturesque with lush greenery, hilly terrain with its sheer cliffs and steep valleys. I was busy taking photographs and videos while trailing them in my cart. The entire morning had remained uneventful. My parents continued to play golf. I continued to take photographs. Of the golf course, the flora, the hills, the blue skies and sometimes, if I felt generous, of my parents too.