"No!" Aisha giggled. Mark checked his speed-o-meter again. "No? You sure?" He asked her, sticking his tongue out even more. "Daddy, noooo." Aisha giggled again. "Still no doggy," she said, flapping the large ragged doll in her hands for emphasis. "Okay, No." He laughed. "What about a horse?" Checking the rear-view mirror, he cautiously overtook the slow trailer in front of him. She watched as they sped past the trailer. She stood on her knees and looked at it through the rear windscreen as it got smaller and smaller, finally disappearing completely.

While going through some old posts, I realized that there are two drafts that remain unpublished. Wondering why and when I wrote these but here is the first one.
Clearly the spaceship's been hovering above for too long.
  When a random comment triggers off a limerick, there's no other choice but to publish it, especially when the threat of a pointing gun already looms large. Don't believe me, just check the comment exchange here. :P The resulting limerick ? Here it is.

Last week, we had changed the rules a bit and upped the ante. You story-tellers had had it too easy I had thought. :D I had prepared myself to be surprised yet again with your amazing stories. And surprised I was! Mandi's story about waging war to maintain peace and Sonali's story about battling environmental destruction to save lives were both futuristic and solved some world crisis, just as the challenge rules had demanded. I was also surprised at the lack of response as I had thought this challenge would be again child's play for you. Apparently, not. So, this time let us lower the stakes a bit and make it a little easier again. :)