At a Women Writers' Fest sometime earlier this year, I met this wonderful author and award-winning writer - Kiran Manral - who I admire greatly but had only interacted with on Facebook. Kiran published her first book, The Reluctant Detective, in 2011. Since then, she has published eight books across genres till date, out which I have (unfortunately!) read only one -  All Aboard, which is a breezy fun romance novel that I really enjoyed. Obviously, I was looking for a chance to get her to share some writing tips with me. When I met her at the day-long festival, I had hoped for a chance to interact with her more personally. But unfortunately, the opportunity did not present itself. 

For a die-hard Bollywood buff who has watched him entertain in many films, he needs no introduction. He is not just a popular face and name but also a seasoned artist, writer, director, and a renowned film, television and stage actor, Jayant Kripalani. Now he is all set to entertain us with an upcoming novel - Cantilevered Tales, published by Readomania. A novel that, with its riot of situations and characters, seems to be as entertaining as any film. So imagine my reaction when I got the opportunity to host him. And what's more, here he is sharing the story of how and why he turned an author. Over to him to answer the big question -

Why Jayant Kripalani wrote this book?