From Yesterday to Today

Fingers on the keyboard take flight,

As I weave words on a page blank and white.

Penning down my dreams, hopes, imaginary thoughts,

Those moments when I laughed, cry and even fought.

So banish those second thoughts; join me toย Just Write!

Tisย ain’t the time,

I said to me and mine.

Some day, one day,

I shall have my way.

Know what? A stitch in time saves nine.

Writing was fun when the board was still high above.

Don’t know when or why I gave it the shove.

Started again, sometime last year,

Giving the naysayers a deaf ear.

Now it’s become my only love .


Tell me what’s the matter,

all around is the chatter.

You see me going berserk,

Jumping and jiving like a jerk.

Shall share the reason but a little later.




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