Homecoming – Re-Return to Writing!

I wrote! I wrote after a loooong time. I’ve been writing yes – blog posts, book reviews, website articles. I’ve been regularly doing all of that.

I’ve been working on my manuscript – a romance. And I finished it too!

A mad plunge into the unknown that started in April 2016 and culminated in November 2017; and yet, I am putting it in the cold storage for now. After all, they do say never, never publish your first manuscript.

I haven’t written fiction since long. So I was really apprehensive when I took on a challenge of writing a story-a-day, and even more nervous when I was submitting it to a website that has an editorial team in place to select and approve the stories.

I’ve never had a story rejected by them before. Some have even made it to the ‘Editor’s Choice’ section. So imagine the pressure I was in. Here I was writing fiction, a short story no less, in over six months. I was on tenterhooks. I was biting my nails. I kept checking my inbox every few minutes for an update from them.

I was back to being the newborn writer baby I was in 2016. Nervous. Hopeful. Every little effort meant something. Every small achievement mattered. I didn’t care if someone would like it or not. I didn’t care about how many people would actually get to read it.

I just wanted it to be good enough to pass the editor’s desk.Β And so, when I did get the notification that my story was published I jumped up in joy. (Here’s the link.)

Now that it is published, I get down to writing more impactful fiction. A-story-a-day is a promise I have to keep.

The learning process has begun. And I couldn’t be more excited.


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