I write because …

I write because it gives me the ability to express myself without fear – fear of being judged, fear of being contradicted or questioned and fear of being restricted. In my imaginary world, I can be anything – a failed artist, a mediocre writer, a successful musician or even the best actor in the world.

I first discovered I could write when I was in primary school. Articles and write-ups that found their way into the school magazine gave me a sense of accomplishment that P.T. had previously taken away. My own understanding of its value came about when my teachers would pull me away from class and banish me to a quiet corner to drum up something worthy enough to fill up an empty column. As if I was the magician who could conjure the rabbit out of the hat. This was my rabbit and the hat my over-imaginative mind. Somewhere along the way, amongst the reactions of carbon and effects of nuclear fission, the rabbit and the hat both disappeared. Probably went looking for that x which was never solved, anyway. The lack of practice led to a lack of confidence, which, if you are human, I am sure would need no introduction or explanation. This lack of confidence gradually turned its form and became a lack of ability in my mind, at least. Told you, I have a super-active brain – here, even thoughts can change form!

This remained the story, until one fine day, I found myself out of a job and in that familiar land of confusion that I often end up in. It was this moment of worthlessness that made me question why I had allowed a job to define me in the first place. Isn’t there so much more to a person than just what he or she does for a livelihood?! I finally decided to take the plunge and move away from my humdrum life and pursue my long lost interests – reading and writing being the first two in the list.

My stories may be an extension of me or even an exact opposite. My articles may express my opinions without having to explain them or their basis to another soul. I put my opinions out in the public so that someone may find resonance and a reflection of their own opinions. It may change someone’s point of view or may give words to another one’s unsaid emotions. It may tell someone that they are not alone in their moment of despair. It may inspire another to try again until success comes knocking.

I write because, sometimes, for me just having random thoughts crop up in my mind is not good enough. I feel it’s important to pen down your thoughts, precisely, for the reasons listed above. Sometimes, it may not make sense. Like it doesn’t on this attempt. But, what is important is something got written down for others to read, understand, relate to and even to draw inspiration from. Someday, my hopes will become reality and someone somewhere will say, “Hey, that is so amazing and inspiring.”

Until then, I write, ever hopeful that something sensible may spew forth from the hat!


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  • ladycee
    Posted at 20:48h, 04 November Reply

    Hi fellow-blogger,
    I dropped by after reading your post at the Blogging 101 course.
    I like the clean fresh look and feel of the theme you have chosen and I love the title of your blog.
    I enjoyed reading about why you write and particularly liked how you expressed the following:
    “It may change someone’s point of view or may give words to another one’s unsaid emotions. It may tell someone that they are not alone in their moment of despair. It may inspire another to try again untill success comes knocking.”
    I too am learning not to allow others to define me by the job I do. That’s why I’m so happy I’ve started blogging – it enables me to write on a regular basis and I can feel justified at calling myself a writer!
    All the best with the course and for your blogging future.

    • WanderingSoul2015
      Posted at 20:54h, 04 November Reply

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I am very new at this, so your words are very encouraging.
      And, you are a very good writer. All the best to you too. 🙂 Thanks again

  • ladycee
    Posted at 23:06h, 04 November Reply

    Thank you for saying that WS. That is so encouraging to hear and most appreciated. No doubt we will bump into each other again at the Blogging 101 Commons.

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  • Ankush
    Posted at 19:11h, 05 January Reply

    This is WOW! This is certainly your sword in the food pipe! I will try to not be so much in awe the next time. Looking forward to more posts from you. 🙂

    Your newest/latest fan,

    • Wandering Soul
      Posted at 19:13h, 05 January Reply

      Thanks so much, Ankush! I hope you like the fiction stories and the posts in ‘Random Ramblings’ too 🙂

      • Ankush
        Posted at 19:21h, 05 January Reply

        I am especially looking forward to the “Random Ramblings”. 😀 Good night, ma’am (not the cranky 50 year old Mathematics ma’am, someone a little more tolerable and a little more fun). 🙂 🙂

  • mari berdakwah
    Posted at 10:20h, 19 January Reply

    You аctually make it seem so easy with youг presentation but I fіnd this
    topic to be rеally something that I think I wоuld neѵer understand.
    It seems too complicated аnd extremely broad for me.
    I аm looking forward for үouг next post, I will
    try to gеt tɦe hang of it!

    • Wandering Soul
      Posted at 09:39h, 06 February Reply

      I just saw your comment now. Apologies for the delayed reply.
      I know it gets easier as you write more and more. 🙂 Please do keep at it and you will surely get the hang of it. 🙂

  • Asif Uzzaman
    Posted at 18:28h, 01 March Reply

    Good one.
    I feel that, most Indian authors of today would have a similar story, but not all have the ability to bring forth a rabbit from the hat as neatly as you do. 🙂

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