Nominated for The Orange Flower Awards 2018: VOTE APPEAL

I often remind myself that if my writing makes any difference to even one person and makes them think again or impacts them positively, then I’d consider my writing a success.
Recently, though I was surprised and thrilled to note that my writing is deserving of a nomination for the prestigious Orange Flower Awards for the category of Social Impact.

While the nomination itself is a huge award, now it has got me all excited, especially because it is not just one but multiple nominations.

I honestly don’t think that much of my writing so when something like this happens it gets me all excited and makes me realize the value of what I do. (And, if you’re a writer, and if you know me at all, you’d know how much I need to be reminded of that. Self-doubt, thy name is Piyusha Vir  )
To make your votes count, please vote for each nomination individually. Fortunately, for me, it means that cumulatively I get more votes. YAY! YAY! YAY!
Voting links are given below. And, if you’d like to read before you decide to vote, the article links are further below.

For creative writing:

For Social Impact:


Creative Writing
1. Wonder Woman
2. Yours, Forever

Social Impact
1. Men Look Cool With Pads, But Will Padman Challenge Create Acceptance Around Menstruation?
2. Author Paulami DuttaGupta Shares Why Writing A Story Of A Rape Survivor Was So Tough
3. I Gave Up My Career In The Hotel Industry After Facing Sexual Harassment Too Many Times
4. The Day After Women’s Day – Everyday Sexism Is Far From Going Away!

I do hope you’ll like the posts and shall vote for me in each category. Would mean a lot!

Meanwhile, do share what you think of my writing. What impact has it had on you? Share your comments and views via the comment box below. And don’t forget to vote. 🙂


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